ExcelliPrint software allows users to print IPDS to existing or new Windows-based printers and assures printouts will be the same regardless of printer. It reduces the processor demand on the host system and allows print jobs to be converted to other formats for electronic archiving or delivery

ExcelliPrint® Premium is an affordable IPDS AFP printing solution supporting the Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) protocol, which is used primarily for printing large business reports, bar code labels, and invoices in high volumes.

  • ExcelliPrint is an IBM Proven Solution, we have been an IBM Partner since 1997
  • User-friendly Browser-based Interface
  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections
  • AFP (IPDS & AFPDS) and SCS to PDF
  • Convert to Other Formats
  • IPDS Print-to-file Archiving
  • Support for all IPDS Towers
  • Driver-independent IPDS Printing
  • Role-based Administration
  • Spooled IPDS File Management
  • IBM iSeries Device Management
  • Support for Multiple Output Destinations
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Secure Web Interface
  • More IPDS printing features, LESS cost than our competitors
  • Backed by EXCELLENT tech support

IPDS Output

Where would you like to output IPDS print jobs?
windows pcl printers
windows desktop printers
to file (as pdf)
to file (tiff, jpg)


System Requirements

Installation Computer:

  • Windows 2000, XP, or Server 2003, Vista
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5
  • 256 MB RAM (more may be required based on usage)

Client Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, or compatible
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled

iSeries (AS/400) Minimum Requirements

  • V3R1 or greater
  • PSF/400 required for IPDS printing; any one of the following licensed features is required:
    5112, 5113, 5114, or 5115

If you want to administer the iSeries remotely:

  • You must enable the QUSER user profile, start the "host servers," and have TCP/IP running.

zSeries (OS/390) Minimum Requirements

  • PSF/MVS Version 2 Release 2.0 with APAR OW15599, OW15018 and OW16442.
  • PSF/MVS Version 3.1 or later.
  • MVS Scheduler APAR OW12236 to support two new PRINTDEV keywords: IPADDR and PORTNO.
  • TCP/IP Version 3 Release 1, or higher installed and configured on MVS.
  • MVS Maintenance Level Required in TCP/IP Profile
    IBM PTF UQ03848
    IBM PTF UQ11550

Windows Vista™ IPDS Printing

If you are maintaining an AFP/IPDS print environment, ExcelliPrint Premium can save you time and money and help you do more with your AFP data. What can ExcelliPrint do for you?

download ExcelliPrint IPDS printing software for free!

ExcelliPrint IPDS solution allows users to print IPDS to existing or new Windows®-based printers and assures printouts will be the same regardless of printer. It reduces the processor demand on the host system and allows print jobs to be converted to other formats for electronic archiving or delivery.

Radically Lower Your IPDS Printing Costs. Whether you want to lower your print center costs by using an existing Windows printer (local or networked), or you need to archive or electronically distribute IPDS print jobs, ExcelliPrint IPDS emulation helps you do more with your AFP data.

Reduced IPDS Printing Costs with ExcelliPrint

ExcelliPrint, running on a Windows-based PC, replaces any IPDS printer: it receives IPDS print data generated on iSeries™ and zSeries® computers, which see ExcelliPrint as a high-end IPDS printer. After receiving the data over a TCP/IP network, ExcelliPrint converts and saves the data in a variety of standard formats or, more commonly, prints the documents to non-IPDS network printers.

  • Harness the power of IBM's Advanced Function Presentation (AFP), bringing it to your Windows environment.
  • Spool iSeries/zSeries IPDS data to your Windows environment, replacing IPDS printers.
  • Easily convert your AFP documents into PDF for easy viewing, archiving, distribution, etc.
  • Convert IPDS & AFPDS and SCS data into EMF, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG for easy viewing on any computer and PCL and GDI for printing or archiving.
  • Save the transformed IPDS output to a network storage unit, a Windows share, or your own PC.

IPDS DIMMs: Expensive, Non-scalable, and Very Limited

  • A specific DIMM must be purchased for each type or brand of printer, IPDS software does not care what type or brand of printer.
  • DIMMs require an additional firewall configuration which can increase your security risks.
  • A DIMM does not have the capability to archive print jobs to file or PDF
  • Read more on why IPDS Software is the smarter choice over IPDS DIMMs

ExcelliPrint IPDS Printing Case Study

A manufacturing company uses ExcelliPrint to send IPDS print jobs from its headquarters to PCs in warehouses both in the United States and Canada. ExcelliPrint saved the company an estimated $1800 per printer initially and $300 to $400 per month in additional line service fees for the AS/400. (read more)

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